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Bill O’Reilly: Liberal Media to Drop Huge Fake Sex Assault Claim on President Trump in January

On last Friday’s edition of the Glenn Beck’s radio program, former Fox News host Bill O’Reilly doubled down on claims about the existence of an audio recording of an anti-Trump individual offering “$200,000 to file sexual harassment charges against then-presidential candidate Donald J. Trump.”

This isn’t the first time the radio and television legend has made such claims.

Newsmax reported back in October:

Former Fox News host Bill O’Reilly has revealed to Newsmax new details of what he said was “shocking” efforts to attack President Trump’s reputation.

O’Reilly says his information also raises serious questions about the motives behind new allegations that have been made against him.

O’Reilly told Newsmax on Monday that investigators working for him had uncovered an audio recording of “an anti-Trump attorney” offering an unidentified woman $200,000 to file sexual harassment charges against then-presidential candidate Donald J. Trump.

Now this…

Bill O’Reilly also told Glenn Beck that the liberal media and their Democrat cohorts are going to drop a HUGE FAKE SEX ASSAULT claim against President Trump in January.

Paul Joseph Watson at Infowars reported:

Former Fox News host Bill O’Reilly is predicting a huge onslaught against President Trump in January based around fake accusations of sexual assault as Democrats panic that Trump’s chances of re-election are surging.

Warning, “There’s going to be a tremendous assault on President Trump” beginning in January, O’Reilly says Democrats now feel they must go all in to destroy Trump now because he has a good chance of getting re-elected.

“There is an audio tape of an anti-Trump person offering $200,000 dollars to a woman to accuse Donald Trump of untoward behavior,” O’Reilly told Glenn Beck, adding that he may have to go to the U.S. Attorney himself because “there are at least three crimes on the tape”.


The former Fox News host added that “Donald Trump knows about the tape” and should be drawing attention to it to highlight how the entire raft of sexual assault allegations against him “is an industry, that there are false charges and money changing hands.”

Bill O’Reilly is right.
The entire accusations against Donald Trump is an industry.

And, as TGP’s Cristina Laila reported on Monday, George Soros is and his lackeys are pulling the levers behind the scenes.

They will stop at nothing.

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