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While Everyone Was Focused On Alabama Election, Senate Voted to Give Trump a Huge Victory

While the whole nation was focused on the Alabama Senate election, President Trump had a big victory for the U.S. court system by getting confirmed another important judicial nominee, giving Trump a record number of judges confirmed.

As the media attention was on Judge Roy Moore and how he is doing in the election, President Trump worked hard on getting Leonard Steven Grasz confirmed with a 50-48 vote for the 8th Circuit Court of Appeals. And he managed to achieve this despite the left-wing American Bar Association (ABA) rating Grasz as “not qualified” to be a judge.

Grasz served as Nebraska’s chief deputy attorney general and currently works as senior counsel for an Omaha law firm.

The ABA has been a left-wing organization for a long time now, and Nebraska’s Republican Senator, Ben Sasse, called the ABA a “liberal advocacy organization,”

During a recent Judiciary Committee hearing, Sen. Sasse pointed out that it is ok to be a liberal advocacy group, but he felt the ABA was misrepresenting itself, nonetheless.

“You have First Amendment rights and you should use them,” Sasse said about the organization. “What’s not OK is being a liberal advocacy organization and be masquerading as a neutral evaluator of these judicial candidates.”

The ABA constantly follows the Democrat Party agenda and naturally, they were against Grasz. Sen. Chuck Schumer (D, NY) praised the group and its assessment of Grasz.

“A panel of nonpartisan, legal experts unanimously concluded that this man is not fit to be a judge,” Schumer said. “What else do my colleagues need to know? More broadly, these attacks, in small but important ways, diminish our democracy.”

The ABA has been so forward with their stance against President Trump’s nominees that the administration stated that they will not be invited to review any of Trump’s future court picks.

Luckily, even when Alabama’s newly elected Democratic Senator, Doug Jones, get the seat next year, Senate Democrats won’t have the numbers to block Trump judges. And now that Harry Reid (D-NV) gave Senate GOP leader Mitch McConnell and Sen. Chuck Grassley the ability to ignore “blue slips,” the Democrats have even less power to block Trump’s judicial nominees.

And now with Grasz, the court has 10 conservatives and only one Democrat-appointed judge!

With Grasz being confirmed, President Trump has zeroed in on getting more important judicial picks confirmed than any past president. And The New York Times lamented that Trump is “rapidly reshaping the judiciary.”

As expected, the liberals are livid over President Trump’s achievement, even The New York Times is showing it. However, this is a huge win for the right.

By adding Grasz to the list, President Trump is setting important records on judges and will change the courts in a conservative direction for many decades.

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