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Evidence Shows Doomsday Scenario Is Becoming Reality: DOJ and FBI Facing Contempt Charges

Congressional Republicans are prepared to file a contempt of Congress resolution against the DOJ’s Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein and FBI Director Christopher Wray, saying, “stonewalling in producing material related to the Russia-Trump probes and other matters.”

The FBI investigation into alleged collusion between Russians and Trump campaign was supposed to take down President Trump, at least that was what the Democrats were waiting for.

But as it turns out their method has backfired. Now it appears that the FBI is corrupt and it is in the middle of a huge scandal.

Congress is filing contempt charges against FBI Director Christopher Wray and Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein because the federal agencies are hiding evidence that was requested by lawmakers.

It was revealed that one main FBI official working on the “collusion” probe had an anti-Trump and pro-Hillary Clinton bias. Meaning the FBI investigation is appearing to be nothing more than a witch-hunt.

Official Pete Strzok was removed after claims that he sent a pro-Hillary and anti-Trump messages his mistress, who was an FBI attorney working with Deputy FBI Director Andrew McCabe

Intelligence Chairman Devin Nunes and other Republican decided to take actions after the New York Times report on Saturday explained why the FBI official was removed from the investigation.

President Trump and other Republicans used the report as an evidence that the whole Russia investigation has been politically driven.

“Now it all starts to make sense,” President Trump wrote on Twitter,

Two senior Justice Department officials admitted that the department’s Office of Inspector General is looking into Peter Strzok role in the Hillary Clinton email investigation.

A source said the OIG investigation, which will review Strzok’s roles in many other politically sensitive cases, should be finalized by “very early next year.”

The investigation will be entirely complexed, given Strzok’s consequential portfolio. He was involved in the FBI’s interview with Hillary Clinton, just few days prior to the announcement of then-FBI Director James Comey that Clinton will not face charges of mishandling sensitive state information.

Strzok as an FBI official also had connections with many agencies in the intelligence community, including the CIA, then led by Director John Brennan.

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  2. Geoff Tuck

    December 8, 2017 at 6:24 am

    Seems to me the time has come when the CIA FBI & DOJ need to be rebuilt from the ground up, with new staff, ( absolutely no hold overs ) & far more oversight & accountability. They are govt. departments, answerable to central govt. Not separate govt. answerable to no one.

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