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The First Thing You See When You Enter The Trump White House For Christmas Sends A Powerful Message

The White House has thousands of visitors every year, and approximately 25,000 Americans and foreign tourists are expected to be a part of the public tours this Christmas season.

The first remarkable decoration they will see this year during the tour of the White House is a special tribute honoring service members and their families: The Gold Star Family Tree.

The Gold Star Family Tree is decorated with patriotic ribbon and gold stars, which are dedicated to those who made the ultimate sacrifice for our country.

Next, to the tree, there are tablets so that the visitors can write and send a message to the service members who are on duty or abroad.

Almost every White House tour starts in the East wing. The guests are welcome by staff members and are given brochures about the Christmas displays.

Benny Johnson, the Daily Caller’s reporter, recently visited the White House and reported that the three is “covered in patriotic ribbon and golden stars with a large gold star on top.”

Johnson said he saw four iPad around the tree for visitors to write their messages.

He shared a few photographs he took of the patriotic tree:

The White House stated that the first family was celebrating the Christmas season with a dedication to tradition.

“As with many families across the country, holiday traditions are very important to us,” first lady Melania Trump stated.

Most of our traditions are possible by the sacrifices that the military men and women make every day, and it is heartwarming to see them honored this way.

Former President Obama was not his priority to honor the service members.

A true leader knows how much the service members are important for this country, and President Donald Trump seems to understand this very well.

The Gold Star Family Tree is a major statement that will mostly prompt the liberals who criticize the president, who are already frustrated by him bringing back “Merry Christmas.”

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