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Sanders Didn’t Stop With Just One Pie Pic — Taunts April Ryan With Step-by-Step Documentation

White House Press Secretary Sarah Sanders has taken the controversy known as #PieGate to new heights, delivering step-by-step photos of the pie-baking process to those who doubted she baked her own pie over the Thanksgiving holiday.

Sanders kicked off Wednesday evening by tweeting the following photo, taking special care to mention CNN correspondent April Ryan, who was among those claiming that Sanders’s Thanksgiving pie photo was suspect:

But Sanders didn’t stop there. She made sure to thank her pecan supplier, Nick Ayers, who also happens to be Vice President Mike Pence’s chief of staff:

And then she got down to business:

It may have taken her a little longer than the “next week” she originally promised:

But Sanders appears to have gotten the last laugh, and Ryan will have a chance to see that the proof is in — well — the pie:

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