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Reporter Says Only Dictators Use the Term ‘Fake News’ – Sarah Response Silences the Room

During the press conference on Tuesday, a reporter asked White House Press Secretary Sarah Sanders about dictators from all around the world using the phrase “fake news.”

Politico’s Matthew Nussbaum asked Sarah Sanders:

“Bashar al-Assad and Rodrigo Duterte recently have used the phrase ‘fake news’ to dismiss damaging reports about their regimes. And a state official in Myanmar recently said that the Muslim minority Rohingya don’t exist and added it’s ‘fake news.’”

“Is the White House concerned at all about authoritarian regimes adopting this phrase ‘fake news’ to try to delegitimize the press. And does President Trump bear any responsibility for the popularization of this phrase among some world leaders?”

But Sanders as always had a perfect response for Nussbaum:

“I think the White House is concerned about false and inaccurate information being pushed out to mislead the American people. I think I made that clear yesterday. In terms of other leaders, I’d have to look at their comments to be more specific on what they’ve said.”

“But our concern is making sure that the information that the people receive in this country is fair and accurate, and when it isn’t, that it’s corrected and corrected in the same fashion in which it was first presented when it was wrong, which is very rarely the case.”

Nussbaum pushed back, asking, “When you hear autocrats using the term ‘fake news’ to describe events that reflect poorly on their regimes, that doesn’t cause concern here?”

Sanders then repeated that she doesn’t know their specific comments and does not want to comment on unfamiliar things.

“What I can talk about are the problems that we have in this country with inaccuracies that happen frequently within news stories. And so that I feel comfortable speaking about. Without that information and that detail in front of me, I don’t want to weigh in too deeply,” she said.

You can see the exchange in the video at 25:37 minute.

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