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Trump Gave A Pastor The Mic At White House – His Next 5 Words Brought The House Down [VIDEO]

The Trump administration is very close to sealing the deal on tax reform.

The president sought to bolster his base with a speech from the White House Wednesday afternoon. In the speech, Trump touted the merits of the tax plan, bringing forward families who would benefit from it.

Trump brought forward pastor Leon and wife Marie Benjamin along with their children as an example of a family who will get a larger tax refund under the plan. The president invited the pastor to speak, and what he said next was amazing.

“To God be the glory!” Benjamin said loudly into the microphone. He continued:

Thank you, President Trump for inviting us here. On behalf of the Benjamin family and Richmond, Virginia, we represent many families across the nation. African American families, urban Americans.

We need it now. It’s time for a change and time that we recognize that our president is making good on his promises.

The line was met with applause from the guests in the room but what Benjamin said next brought the house down:

Thank you, Mr. President. God bless you and we’ll continue to keep praying for you and your team as you move forward and forge ahead with this new future in America. God bless you.
The look on Trump’s face says it all.

When Trump returned to the mic he said, “He can be my minister any time.”

Watch the video below:

1 Comment

1 Comment

  1. eric weigand

    December 14, 2017 at 1:10 am

    “To God be the glory!”

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