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Guns Aren’t the Problem: Knife Terror Attack Killed 29 and Wounded 130 in China

If there was a definition of horror in the dictionary, residents of Texas would definitely know it by heart. The city is now barely recovering from a mass bloodshed caused by a terrorist who opened fire at the Sutherland Springs church, killing twenty-six people and injuring over twenty churchgoers.

Although multiple reports suggested the massacre is one of the bloodiest Americans have ever witnessed, liberals were still unhappy and dissatisfied. Of course, they were quick to politicize the manner while blaming Trump of the very same thing. Also, they took the chance to advocate gun control and the unnecessary of it.  They even pursue a very popular opinion that “if it will save just one life, then destroying all guns is worth it.” Blah, blah, blah.

Looking into the need for a weapon is more than logical, given the facts that we’re faced with violence each day. This also awakens the need to defend ourselves and, yes, this is our constitutional right, too. If the terrorist wasn’t stopped more than 26 people would have lost their lives, and America would have never healed.

There were many massacres in America’s history one bloodiest after the other, so we are a nation that has always been exposed to threats, as a result of the liberals’ loose safety program. Then we had the case where an attacker killed 16 people, whereas another injured 31. The very next day a homeowner entered a school in order to commit arson.

And let’s make one thing clear- every other country in the world uses exact techniques to handle perpetrators and assailants.

Similar stories happened in the 1920s when a politician killed 38 children, six adults, and wounded more than 50 people in Bath Township, Michigan.

But, it’s not just guns. God knows we witnessed more than enough vehicles slamming into people, and we just saw it happening in NYC. So, it is about the people and not the weapon choice.

To make the matter more interesting, a list came out, naming all sorts of weird and unconventional weapons. The list included 5.5 in. stiletto heels, a guitar, a spatula, and a jar of pickles.

Let’s summarize. If a person is convinced to believe that killing others is good, he or she will find every mean possible to engage into a bloody massacre. Basically, we’re talking about intention here. Are you willing to kill? If yes, then you probably will.

Every country has had men who were willing to eradicate a nation just for the sake of it, so why are we any different? Are we supposed to be immune to the dark world? Take China for example. They recently faced a horribly violent massacre, where the attacker used a knife to kill 29 people and injure over 130. What does that tell you?

Even some of the best country structures have felt the rage of a terrorist group, in whichever form it may be.

Firearms could have had a law or few more, but this doesn’t mean at all that guns should be taken off the table. There is a clear message behind having a gun and it’s whether you’ll use it to defend yourself or to do harm. In case of the latter, you do not have issues with guns you have issues with your own personal belief system and human values.

It is unfair we have to pin everything on the firearms when obviously we have plenty of other ways to annihilate a nation.

And where do you think the Colt’s Peacemaker got its name from? Well, let us educate you a little. It was a gun used to stop bad boys from stepping over the line. Do we not believe that our police would use guns only when necessary? What have we turned into?

Don’t let yourselves be fooled by the lefties’ agenda. These people will stop at nothing to get their way. However, it is good to know they are not interested in making peace, using fewer guns and keeping people safe. Oh, no, they only have one endgame in mind and that’s bringing President Trump down and step over his leadership.

The next time a liberal comes up to you for a preach session, let them know America is just like the rest of the world- exposed, vulnerable and fragile when it comes to terrorism. It is obvious that by taking guns off people’s hands is not only going to worsen the issue but will give terrorists a free pass to Massacreville.

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