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As Reports of Tony Podesta’s Arrest in the Mueller Investigation Break, John Podesta Attacks Trump

Tony Podesta found himself on social media’s ‘Page 6’ as reports on his arrest began surfacing and never stopped since. The information is yet to be officially confirmed, but many suggest it’s going down as we speak.

An arrest could be the fate of a few more, including Michael Flynn and his son. The real question now is whether Robert Mueller is going to be willing to do it.

The entire drama unfolded last week, as the Podesta Group faced an investigation by Special Counsel Robert Mueller. The company’s name came across as suspicious after Paul Manafort mentioned it in one of his indictment testimonies.

 None of the Podestas has ever faced something like this, hence the panic.

What’s even more interesting is the fact that once the Manafort affair broke, Tony Podesta resigned as head of the company.

Also, you can always go to John Podesta’s Twitter account to learn more about it:

Oh, John, always so modest! Listen, none of this is about you- it is about the fact that you played dirty and shifting the blame on Trump won’t do you much good. Heck, if Mueller considers this to be a point for worry, what else is there to ask? And, by the way, Trump doesn’t really hang with Mueller on Sundays, so there goes that excuse as well.

Trump seems to be at peace with all of this.He is actually traveling to Asia as we speak. With no real game left, Podesta tried one last time to bash someone else for his own doings, this time with Alex Jones and the Pizzagate group!

Podesta and his brother are probably shaking with fear somewhere dark, but the cards have been dealt and this is what’s in store. Finally, we hope to see some just investigation and, what else can I say but- Let’s drain the swamp!



  1. M Bauder

    November 6, 2017 at 5:31 pm

    You can not break the truth, but the truth can break YOU!!!!!!!!!!

  2. Delusional Deplorable

    December 2, 2017 at 3:46 am

    Cult45 is desperate to find a way to pin the blame on the liberals. In the meantime we have two guilty convictions including the felon Flynn. Flynn a foreign agent that was entrusted as a national security advisor by Donald. All the best people. Only not the best. Actually the worst.

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